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Unsecured Capital (Cash) Program up to $250,000 per signer/owner… Startups Ok!

We have helped over 400 different business owners and partners in just UNSECURED CASH CAPITAL with our program so far!

We are able to fund Dispensary (dispensaries) / Grow Operations / Wholesale / Retail / Edibles and many other MMJ related businesses.

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Lender420 has helped many types of businesses and their owners with real estate needs and funding. Lender420 specializes in Refinance of a property with a “green tenant” such as a dispensary in a shopping center or office building. Refinance of a current loan on a marijuana based property type that is coming due or may be eligible for “cash out” and more.

Our loans range from $500K to a max of $15 Million. MAX of 70% Loan to Value on all purchase and refinance. Our Rate starts at 9%+ and points will vary on loan size and type. All loans are made on a Case-by-Case basis.

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Get the business equipment loans you need. The right equipment loan can help your business be more productive and profitable. Whether you’re looking to own or lease new or used equipment, our equipment financing solutions will ensure that your business has the tools it needs to grow and thrive.

We provide financing for: Extractors, Testing, Greenhouses, Grow Tent, High Tunnel Crop Protector, LED Lighting-BestVA 2000W, LED Lighting-Commerical Grow, HVAC System (heating & air), 2012 HL Complete System – Lettuce (Hyroponics) and more.

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Lender420 provides fast access to funding for operating cannabis businesses.

We are able to fund retail store fronts, grow operations, cultivation facilities, wholesale, edibles, and many other Marijuana related businesses.

Our unsecured credit solutions are non diluted and can be used for the following:
Working capital, Expansions Inventory, Purchase order financing, Partner buyout, Business Acquisition, and Payroll

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