Marijuana Legalization is happening faster than we anticipated. Who will be next?

This year alone New York, Virginia and New Mexico all legalized adult use cannabis. find out who’s next.

We all know it’s been a long time coming for the cannabis industry, 2021 has continuously shown us the light at the end of the tunnel. New York, Virginia and New Mexico all legalized with in weeks of each other. From Minnesota to Delaware and beyond lawmakers are still working hard to end prohibition by the end of the year.

The pressure is now on for nearby states as they try to follow suit and legalize either medical or recreational. Marijuana Moment reports that ,If two more states get legal marijuana bills signed this session, 2021 would set a record for the highest number of new legalization laws enacted in a single year. And if just one more state were to adopt legalization this session, 2021 would tie 2016 and 2020 as a year with the most number of states to legalize cannabis—quite remarkable given that no states are putting the issue directly to voters on the ballot this year.

Connecticut, Delaware, Minnesota, and Rhode Island are the states to watch for the remainder of 2021. In Delaware a bill to legalize marijuana for adult use was approved in its first House committee late last month. In Minnesota Four House committees have already approved a bill to legalize marijuana. Majority Leader Ryan Winkler (D), sponsor of the reform legislation, said last week that it will move through its remaining committee stops by the end of April. Moving onto Rhode Island A pair of Rhode Island Senate committees held a joint hearing on two marijuana legalization proposals this month. And in Connecticut there are two legalization proposals being considered in the Connecticut legislature. Which state will legalize next?

lender 420 has been following closely to bring you the latest on all legalization across the nation! Stay tuned for more info as these legalization continues to play out!

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