Cannabis Startup Loans

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We are able to fund dispensaries, grow operations, wholesale, retail, edibles, and many other MMJ-related businesses.


Unsecured Capital Cash Program

With Lender420 we have the ability to loan up to $250,000 per signer/owner. All applicants must have a FICO score of 680 or higher.


Funded Businesses

Lender420 has successfully funded marijuana businesses such as: Cannabis Producers, Cannabis Processors, Cannabis Retailers, Licensed Distributors, Edibles Sellers, Beauty Products, Concentrate Producers, Accessory Makers, Delivery Services, Packaging, App Developer, Software Developers, Security Services, and Dispensary Loans.


600+ Business Owners

We have helped over 600 different business owners and partners in just UNSECURED CASH CAPITAL with our program so far!


Knowledgeable Team Members

Lender420 has team members who have lending and business background and expertise. Most of our team members have worked for big banks and have seen the troubles a client goes through when dealing with a big institution. Our team members also continue to learn and grow in finance and other business fields.

Apply for Cannabis funding.

We are able to fund retail store fronts , grow operations, cultivation facilities, wholesale, edibles, and many other Marijuana related businesses.