What is a Cannabis Lounge and when will we see more in our communities?

Here is Everything you need to know about cannabis lounges.

Users have historically had to keep their hash habits to themselves, smoking before they go out or after they arrive home from a night out. Not to mention the legal status of the plant, which has created a fear of being seen in public with the plant. Now that more states are legalizing cannabis, the sigma behind the plant is lessening.

Although states are legalizing there is still a rule in place that prohibits consumers from smoking in public places. If Consumers want to partake in the use of cannabis, they must do so in the privacy of their homes. The problem with this is many consumers live in rental properties where smoking is prohibited. So, what is one to do?  

As the negative stigma lessens with cannabis in each state, the idea of cannabis lounges becomes more apparent. Some may wonder what a cannabis lounge is? and what the rules and regulations will be?  Cannabis lounges are a place where fans of hash, Concentrates, and weed can go to indulge in their favorite activity: consuming marijuana. And not only that, but they can consume the plant in several ways, publicly. Consumers will not be able to bring their own weed, but consumers can purchase directly from the lounge and smoke it right on premises. Some states have already started allowing lounges such as San Francisco and Oakland.

When we hear about these cannabis lounges, one could hope the setup will be like coffeeshops in Amsterdam, but lounges in the states will not allow food or alcoholic beverages to be served. Along with food and beverages tobacco is also prohibited in these lounges. Of course, each state will have its own rules and regulations in place, but the idea of smoking in a public place is all cannabis users could ask for.

Currently Denver Colorado and Las Vegas Nevada are working on getting Lounges approved and in Los Angeles California has been taking applications for consumption lounges since 2018, although none have been approved yet the hope is still alive as more and more states legalize. 

lender 420 has been following closely to bring you the latest on all legalization across the nation! Stay tuned for more info as these legalization continues to play out!

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